In the Studio~Experiences

Today I was thinking about “experiences“~~times in Life that we see or do something, perhaps for the first time, that gets our attention!….Perhaps it helps us to learn new things, or to encourage us in our daily activities, and maybe even to grow in a new way.

Visions of Spain~inspired by travels to a new place!

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The Present Through the Past (Segovia, Spain, 2014).

Maybe artists and other creatives are more aware of and/or seek out these experiences more than some other people, and they then strive to process these explorations of Life and express them….visually in artworks… or through writing….or the movement of dance…and through the sounds and compositions of music.

Child’s Play~expressions of how children grow and development.

Playtime Games”, © 2012, Joni Beach.


Meow, Mr. Whiskers, © 2013 Joni Beach.






When I am in the Studio designing and creating, every piece has a connection with my personal Life experiences, ideas, and feelings. They are “self expressions” gathered from my Life…in which viewers and collectors of art may identify with in some way! An artist’s creation may remind you of a similar experience, or impression you’ve had, or may give you a glimpse into something new that you have never experienced!


Nature’s Perspective~inspired by the nature experienced around me.

A Different Perspective, © 2014 Joni Beach.
Fractured Fish #1 (2006).







    Sea Images~ images of the  ocean’s magical treasures inspired by trips to the beach and aquariums.


*A Question? What type of artistic works are you drawn to and Why?…The type that reminds you of a similar life experience, or ones that are interesting because they are new to you?  🙂



Autumn, Oh the Colors of Life!

To me Autumn means new color!

Actually, a change of the the colors of life–the bright, vivid summer greens, yellows, and blues give way to twinges of burnt oranges, rusty reds, and tawny yellowsThe air becomes crisper, cooler…the daylight has a noticeably different look to it. I am reminded that nothing in life ever really stays stagnant, but continually changes, either quickly or very slowly–but, surely!

In the studio, today I am quilting the Lifeweavings #3 piece. The loose fabric strips have been a challenge to hold in place, even with many pins. A better method may have been to use a fusible batting and iron the two layers–the woven top and batting–together before stitching.

Progress is also being made on the yellow flower. Here it is on the design wall as I fill in the design.

Pinning the pieces in place has worked the best for this, though I am undecided whether to piece a background for it or to add the background pieces around the centered flower?…do I turn the edges or leave them raw edge?…making these choices along the way is all part of the design process.

I am slowly creating new art in the studio…                                                                                                                Just as Autumn is slowly changing the colors @ us and life moves on into a new season…

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