Playtime Games

“Playtime Games” (2012), ©JoniBeach

Playtime Games, 10 1/2″ X 7 3/4″, Rayon on cotton, beads and mini clothespins, (c) 2012 Joni Beach.

(Private Collection.)

Using bright, primary colors and fun, quirky prints the games of children are depicted~Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey, sparkling marbles, decorated flip-flops, the swirls of a turning top! For from the lessons learned in playing these games, children learn the lessons of life.  Playing is the way they explore their world, experience new things, and enjoy the joys of Life!

Fused applique, thread-painting, and free-motion quilting were used to compose, add details, line, and texture to this fun design.

*Open Edition, Signed, Archival Art Prints are available of this design here in the “Print Shop”.