Meow, Mr. Whiskers (2013)


Meow, Mr. Whiskers, rayon on cotton, 7 1/4″ x 10″, © 2013 Joni Beach

Colors that children love and fun prints are used to create Mr. Whiskers. Saying hello in cat language is a specialty of children who know their pets well. Not only is he a cat, he is a friend who just happens to love to play with a ball of fabric yarn. Freehand cutting was used to create the shapes and thread-painting was used to add details. Dense stitch free-motion quilting was used to finish the piece. Oh, and a ball of fabric strips were rolled and stitched in place…

Saying Hello in “cat talk”….playing with a ball of yarn…having a pet for a friend~All of these are fun, playful ways that children learn to interact and communicate. “Meow, Mr. Whiskers”, is part of the series “Child’s Play”, which explores the way that playing is actually children’s work…as they develop and grow-up throughout their childhood!

This art quilt is created by fabric collage~using wonderfully, vivid colored cloth to “paint” the design. Thread-painting and quilting lines were used to add depth, details, and more texture. With rolled strands of fabric the artist created a playful, ball of yarn for Mr. Whiskers!

A hanging sleeve is added to the back for displaying. As a Free Bonus gift, a small slat with two holes is included (Can be hung with 2 pins or small nails~not included). Other options for displaying textiles pieces include shadow box frames or mounting on canvas. Professional framers, experienced with preserving and displaying textiles, can be helpful with these and other presentation ideas.

Original Art Quilt~”Meow, Mr. Whiskers”.

7 1/4" x 10", Rayon on cotton. Raw-edge applique, piecing, thread-painting, free-motion quilting, 3-D detail/rolled fabric strips.


I am including this fun art quilt in the Special Sale for the Christmas Holidays! 🙂 If you are a collector of unique Art, add this to your collection today….or give it as a gift for a Special Person! 

*Open Edition, Archival Art Reproduction Prints of this Original Art are also being offered at this time! Please visit us here, in the Studio’s on-line Print Shop!

(Colors may vary slightly from the computer image.)