The Present Through the Past (Roman Aqueduct, Segovia), 2014

The Present Through the Past, (Roman Aqueduct, Segovia), ©2014 Joni Beach.

The Present Through the Past (Roman Aqueduct, Segovia),

  27 1/2 x 19 1/2″, Rayon on cotton. ©2014 Joni Beach.



The Story~After my first trip to Spain, I was inspired to begin the “Visions of Spain” series! To witness the amazing history of a first century city, spurred me to imagine what happened there all those centuries ago. Looking through the ancient arches of the Roman aqueduct, which still fully stands, one can see the present day city~~viewing, “the Present Through the Past”. And, also wonder about the future!

Artist’s Process~Several artist’s photos were used as guides and inspirations. I sketched the overall design and used a printer to enlarge it to size. The pieces were then cut free-hand, or traced onto paper, and layered to build the composition–first, the middle city section, then the rock arch. section. 

 The two sections were pieced and joined together using both fusing and glue basting. After layering with the batting and backing, free-motion quilting and threadpainting were done to add additional details, depth, and texture to the image.


ArtWalk 2014~Exhibit, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey

Original Art Quilt, “The Present Through the Past”.

"The Present Through the Past" (2014), 27 1/2"x 19 1/2", Rayon and cotton/polyester on cotton.