From the Studio…December News, Events, & Happenings

Santa's Night-time Trek. rayon & metallic on cotton, 12" x 11", © 2013, Joni Beach. Appliqued and free-motion quilting.
Santa’s Night-time Trek, 12″ x 11″, © 2013 Joni Beach


How can it possibly be the end of 2014 already?!! ~ This year has been a busy one with many new events and happenings for the studio…

*First was my solo exhibit during the local ArtWalk last February, hosted by the gracious Eucalyptus Spa & Healing Arts. In their gift shop of local artists’ work, they carry select prints and cards of my originals. Two pieces from the Winter Holidays series are now being shown and available there during the holidays~Santa’s Night-time Trek & Winter Wren. (See their website for contact information.)

*The Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey workshop is ready and planned for Spring 2015! The exact dates are TBA…and I will post those as soon as they are set. I look forward to sharing some activities and experiences with other creatives and artists for fun, inspiration, and motivation.

*Summer was a time of travel, warm days, and new inspirations. In the studio, a new piece in the Visions of Spain series is on the design board and many ideas are ready to be created!!  Watch the blog for updates!

*In the fall, the Lifeweavings exhibit traveled to Virginia Tech and was shown in the Wallace Hall Gallery…It was great to visit old friends and to given such a wonderful space to show my art!

*Currently, several major pieces are being prepared for submission to juried exhibits in 2015. This is always a “cross-your-fingers” activity, but rewarding when selected to show in venues at locations across the country.

So glad you visited the studio and…

May your Holiday Season be full of joy, beauty, and peace!


Fall Leaves and Winter Holidays!

I love walking and viewing all the different colors, types, and shapes of fall leaves. It reminds me of walking along a sandy beach, looking for unique sea shells…

photo (1)FallLeaves3photoFallLeaves1










While I am enjoying fall and not ready for winter yet, I am being reminded that the December holiday season is just around the corner. Here are two pieces from the Wintertime series~Read the story behind their creation in these earlier posts, In the Studio~Holiday Inspirations and  In the Studio~Winter Series.

Winter Wren

Winter Wren, rayon & metallic on cotton, 7 3/4" x 9 1/2", © 2013 Joni Beach. Faced-applique, beading, free-motion and dense stitch quilting. © 2013 Joni Beach.
Winter Wren, rayon & metallic on cotton, 7 3/4″ x 9 1/2″, © 2013 Joni Beach. Faced-applique, beading, free-motion and dense stitch quilting. ($125)


Santa’s Night-time Trek

Santa's Night-time Trek. rayon & metallic on cotton, 12" x 11", © 2013, Joni Beach. Appliqued and free-motion quilting.
Santa’s Night-time Trek. rayon & metallic on cotton, 12″ x 11″, © 2013, Joni Beach. Appliqued and free-motion quilting. ($145)

If you need a gift or new artwork to decorate for a festive season, these pieces are currently available at Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts. (see link) The gift shop also carries art prints of many of my original pieces!

But for now….Enjoy walking in the fall leaves!!

Family Fridays~Finding Balance For the Holidays

As the holiday season has arrived, the schedule of parties, events, and celebrations are being finalized.  It can be a challenge for individuals, and those of us with families, to achieve a balance.


We have to decide which activities give us a sense of enjoyment, peace, and happiness, and which demands and expectations only result in high stress and discouragement. Individuals and families can choose to follow past traditions to celebrate the joys of Christmas, or decide they need to create new ones!

Many grandparents and their adult children may face this challenge of finding a balance in expectations and plans for the holidays. Family situations are varied and change overtime. For example, some families live year-round together in the same town or general locale, while other families with grandchildren may live a long-distance away. I believe this article about family changes at Grandparents discusses this topic well.

Christmas is a time of the year that most of us have many memories connected to our families and friends. Because of these memories, we may hold on to certain traditions and practices. But, as time goes by things change over our lifetimes…We can honor the good memories of the past by remembering and creating new joyful times for our present holidays.

Regardless of the schedule, may we all find a way to choose a balanced way to celebrate the holidays…and life…, which gives us a sense of renewal, peace, hope, and joy. Adding to our future…good memories of the past.

 ***Happy Holidays! *** 🙂