Hello! I am a studio artist working in the medium of contemporary textiles, an educator of family and human development, and writer who lives in the Appalachian mountains. From the inspirations that surround me and my own collected ideas and images gathered from life, nature, and travel, I create expressions and images, related to themes of human experiences, nature’s perspectives, and a celebration of our lives as human beings!

All of this is reflected in my blog, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey…and new  creations can be viewed in the Art Gallery!

 Artist  Statement

Much of my work expresses ideas related to life and the human experience, such as human diversity or hope, while others are a celebration of color, form, and texture. Color and texture are the two elements that drive my inspiration and design process. As an studio artist and designer, the creative process guides my work—experimenting, exploring, and improvising with fabrics, threads, and other mixed media and techniques in order to express an idea.   

Textiles are the main medium used to create my contemporary wall-hangings and artwear. Free-motion quilting, piecing, raw-edged applique, and threadpainting are some of the main techniques used for the desired effect in my pieces. Original apparel designs–garments and accessories–are created commonly featuring free-motion quilting. Additional design details may be added to a piece using paint, beads, or 3-D details.