Autumn, Oh the Colors of Life!

To me Autumn means new color!

Actually, a change of the the colors of life–the bright, vivid summer greens, yellows, and blues give way to twinges of burnt oranges, rusty reds, and tawny yellowsThe air becomes crisper, cooler…the daylight has a noticeably different look to it. I am reminded that nothing in life ever really stays stagnant, but continually changes, either quickly or very slowly–but, surely!

In the studio, today I am quilting the Lifeweavings #3 piece. The loose fabric strips have been a challenge to hold in place, even with many pins. A better method may have been to use a fusible batting and iron the two layers–the woven top and batting–together before stitching.

Progress is also being made on the yellow flower. Here it is on the design wall as I fill in the design.

Pinning the pieces in place has worked the best for this, though I am undecided whether to piece a background for it or to add the background pieces around the centered flower?…do I turn the edges or leave them raw edge?…making these choices along the way is all part of the design process.

I am slowly creating new art in the studio…                                                                                                                Just as Autumn is slowly changing the colors @ us and life moves on into a new season…

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