Our Past Weekend…Why We “Relay”?

A Shout-out to all the students at Virginia Tech who organized and participated in this year’s Relay For Life, 2018! Each year they do an amazing job~~Including a wonderful Survivor’s Banquet honoring cancer Survivors and their Caregivers.

Find a Cure!~VT Relay for Life

We “Relay” each year in Honor and Memory of several family & friends who have been touched by cancer….

VT Relay for Life 2018, Illuminaries

The American Cancer Society supports individuals and families dealing with the cancer experience. One of their goals is to give…

HOPE for a CURE!

Spring has arrived, inspiring us with wonderful vibrant colors….Hope, Renewal, Life!

A Pot of Spring Purple!

Family & Human Development Resources…

Mountain RhododendrenIndividual & Family Resources is a new addition to the Family/Human Development page on my website. This listing will continue to grow as I share resources with information on topics that may be of interest to individuals and families. One section is Health & Families, which now includes The Cancer Experience...

Also, new to the website is a Links page. The two main areas of these links will be related to Human Development/Family and to Art & Artists. I invite you to check out these new additions–I hope they are of some help to you!

In the art of life, the daily challenges I know can really tax my abilities at times…Gaining needed knowledge and learning new skills can help to encourage us and enhance our experiences.

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