Springtime Workshop~Lifeweavings

Hi Everyone! If you are like me, Springtime will be a welcome guest! 🙂

In April the creativity workshop, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey, is scheduled again at Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts! 

Please join me and other creative people to explore, inspire, and share your creativity and design process….whether you are a painter, jewelry-maker, writer, crafter, art quilter, or all-around creative person!!

Each person will be encouraged to use their creativity to explore and experiment within their own design process (in your own chosen area/or medium), and take steps towards their own unique goals…even small  mini-movements!  🙂

Lifeweaving #3 (2014)
Lifeweaving #3, ©2014 Joni Beach.

Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey

A Creativity Work(Play)shop!

Sunday, April 19, 2015~~Time: 2:00—5:30PM  


Ready to reconnect with your Inner Artist? 

What do we gather during our lives that influences, inspires, and contributes to our artistic abilities…and ultimately our unique designs & creations!?


Interactive Activities~Mini-journaling, Creating small ribbon weavings, Mindmapping, and Huddle Groups…

Our Overall Goal~Have Fun, Enjoy Sharing Ideas, and Be Inspired!!!


Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts, Blacksburg, VA


For More Information and Registration: 

Contact Eucalyptus here!

Come Ready for Fun…Exploring…and Sharing!

 Can’t Wait to See You!

In the Studio~Summer News*

In the studio, this summer has been a busy time! I have been gathering new inspirations and beginning new works of contemporary textile art!

We are also getting ready for a workshop in August at Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts.  They so graciously hosted my first solo art exhibit, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey, in February, and I look forward to meeting with them again to explore, encourage, and share with others who are taking their own creative journeys!



Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey

A Creativity Work-Playshop!


What do we gather during our lives that influences, inspires, and contributes to our artistic abilities, interests, skills…and our designs & creations!?

We will explore the life stages and use creativity to experiment with the design process, using our own  artistic/creative medium of expression (painters, jewelry-makers, writers, etc.)! You will be encouraged to take steps–even small ones, or micro-movements!–towards your own unique goals as a creative person…

Interactive activities, mind-mapping, and discussions will be used as a guide for considering what creativity is, generating new ideas, and sharing your inspirations with other artists/creative people!

Our overall goal will be to have fun, enjoy sharing ideas, and being inspired!!

Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts ~~Sunday, August 10, 2014, 1:30-5:00 PM

For More Information and Workshop Registration

~Contact Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts.~


Visions of Spain

Visions of Spain is a new series I began this summer, which are expressions inspired by the amazing country of Spain. Its sights, sounds, art, history, vistas, food, and music…In this piece, The Present Through the Past, one looks through an arch of a Roman Aqueduct and gets a view of the wonderful city of Segovia with the snow-covered mountains in the background.

The Present Through the Past (Roman Aqueduct, Segovia), rayon and cotton on cotton.  © 2014 Joni Beach. Applique, threadpainting, free-motion quilting. ($975)
The Present Through the Past (Roman Aqueduct, Segovia), rayon and cotton on cotton. © 2014 Joni Beach. Applique, thread-painting, free-motion quilting.

On this piece I enlarged one of my photos and printed it in black and white in a few different sizes. Sketching the desired size onto interfacing to use as a guide, I used 3 photos as inspirations and to compose the design. Here is a picture as I began to cut and place the pieces of the center scene. 


After the center was pieced and some of the details were thread-painted, I began cutting and placing the stones, surrounding the middle.


I experimented and improvised to discover what the materials would do and which fabrics would give shading, depth, and the look I wanted. 


 After the arch was pieced, it was put in place on the interfacing around the Segovia scene. Additional free-motion thread-painting and  quilting added to the texture and gave the scene more details and dimension. I added a facing to finish the edges and liked the results for this wall-hanging.

See this piece and others in this series, Visions of Spain, in my website Art Gallery!

Available Artwork May Be Purchased Through: Eucalyptus Massage Center Gallery