Let Your Heart Sing! in 2017

Greetings! This past year had its own Path for me to follow…I had to be away from the studio most of the time. SO! At the beginning of 2017, I am getting back to work and ReconNecting with YOU 

Some things were accompLished in 2016 though!…BeginnIng and eNding the year by taking arT courses from the wOnderful artIst and Possibilitarian, Kelly Rae Roberts. Here is my first “Angel” painting…

  “Angel of Whispers” reminds me to balance Life’s challenges with Joy…while letting my Heart continue to Sing! 

Let Your “Heart” Sing!, Paper, oil pastel, pencil, brush ink, & acrylic on canvas panel, © 2017 Joni Beach

Kelly’s inspiRing courses,  Hello Soul, Hello Mixed-Media Mantras and Spirit Wings, gave me a chance to trY out and eXperiment with many new mediums~~ oil pastels, ink brush pens, and paper collage~~while also TunIng into the Meanings and wHispers of my heart, which presented themselves as I created each painTing!! It pushed me out of the famiLiar and gave me new Ideas to inspire my own Artwork! 

In 2017 come along with me and see where the Path leads…..I had a GreAt beginning to the New year with an adVentuRous Trip in January! [More about that coming soon….!  🙂  ]  As the year continues, my sTudio’s Focus will still be…

Creativity in Art & Life...

ThiNgs that Give us JoY!   …CouRAGE!     …HoPE!     …ReNEWaL!

CeleBrate LivInG & BalaNce LiFe’s ChalLengEs wiTh JOY,

LeT YoUr HeaRt SinG!


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Support the Arts~and Artists

This Christmas consider supporting the arts and small business by buying gifts from a local Artist!

Christmas Art…

Artwork can be:

*Locally (or regionally) made…helps the local economy.


*Handcrafted…has been touched by the designer’s hand.

*An expression with meaning…an individual’s vision and ideas.

*Found at many different places… in art centers, studios, galleries, on-line websites, and arts & craft showsales.


Some Artists’ work to check-out on-line!

*Studio Art Quilts Association…Art quilts by professional quilters and members of the association.

Flame Glow StudioLaura Leva, artist… Unique one-of-a-kind necklace designs made of brightly colored glass stones, sea glass, and iridescent beads.

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Are you an Artist?

*If you are an artists, feel free to leave your link below in the Comments!  

Please remember to visit local Artists while Christmas shopping!  🙂


As the Earth Turns…

Earth Day was first held when I was a high school student in 1970. I remember well the photos of the earth taken from the moon for the first time. A new perspective of the world in which we lived! The image allowed us to see the beauty and vastness of the blue oceans, the snowy white clouds floating around parts of the globe, and how interrelated the nations of the earth really are…

I created this piece when studying human-environmental systems. Its message is that even with the differences between people, such as gender, ethnicity, and culture, there are also needs we all hold in common–such as respect, safety, opportunities, and good food and water.

Human Complexity: A Common Thread, (c) 2003 Joni Beach
Human Complexity: A Common Thread, (c) 2003, Joni Beach.

Many years have passed but Earth Day (April 22) is still observed by many. The new view of the earth encouraged people to respect nature and understand our dependency on the resources provided by our natural environment.  In the 1970’s, the discipline of Human Ecologythe study of the interrelationship of people and the environments in which they live–was established in some universities. So while many people’s understanding of the world changed or expanded, others’ did not. They continue to live in a more detached way from the earth around them.

I can only believe that a broader perspective and understanding of our Earth has served to raise important questions and prompt us to seek new knowledge…

An awareness of our interdependence hopefully helps us live on the planet in a responsible manner…

to preserve it for future generations…

as the Earth turns.


*How do you view our Earth? What do you think about the natural environment and how to use its resources in a mindful way?