In the Studio~2012 in Review

It has been a busy time this week in the studio (and office) after the holidays ended.                     And, the New Year has officially begun!


Life as a River~

WordPress sends a Year in Review blog report at the end of December.  In it they list the most-viewed posts during the year. I love to see what was of interest to the most people. If you missed them and would like to view them now, they are listed below–with links to the posts.

Batik Cotton
Artist’s Materials

Top 5 Posts for 2012

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3 Tuesday…In the Studio–“An Artist’s Response to Materials”  [from May 2011]

4 Thursday In the Studio–The Final Stages…  [from August 2011] 

5 In the Studio~Child’s Play [from April 2012]

Playtime Games, (c) 2012, Joni Beach.
Playtime Games, (c) 2012 Joni Beach.

Thank-you to all my readers this year~ to everyone who commented, liked a post, or began following! You have made this an enjoyable experience and I appreciate your visits…



*If you have a favorite post not on the Top 5 list, I would love to hear what it is…! 🙂

Quote…Life as a River

River...“Nothing is ever the same. Rivers are symbolic of our lives, moving and ever-changing. Movement is life. We feel freedom as we move with the currents…”                                                                                                    Alexandra Stoddard

This quote is from a small book by Alexandra Stoddard, entitled Grace Notes, A Book of Daily Meditations (p.175, 1993). It sits in a basket and I regularly pick it up and read one or two pages at a time…over the years my copy has become well-worn and in a few pieces. For a book…that’s a good sign!

Even though we may take comfort in the familiar, realizing the changing nature of life helps individuals and families to meet the daily stresses, and sometimes crises, of life. Being flexible can help us solve problems and cope with challenges. These same elements are used by artists as they design a piece of art–being able to explore new ways of working with certain materials or considering multiple possible answers are examples of the creative process they need to solve problems and make the artwork that they desire. In life, as in art, may we be able to move with the currents…

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