Inspirations~A Morning Walk…

Many people take a morning walk each day for fresh air and exercise. But for an artist it can be a way to wake up to the visual inspirations in the world around them. The colors, the observations, the textures, the found objects, even the sounds can enliven their imaginations and feed their creative process!

I have decided to try taking morning walks this fall season (as suggested by artist, Susan Brubaker Knapp) before going into the studio~~to wake up, snap photos, or even make sketches. Here is my first Morning Walk inspiration….

dogwood pixB
Dogwood Tree in Autumn

 What are your favorite Autumn inspirations?

In the Studio~Summer News*

In the studio, this summer has been a busy time! I have been gathering new inspirations and beginning new works of contemporary textile art!

We are also getting ready for a workshop in August at Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts.  They so graciously hosted my first solo art exhibit, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey, in February, and I look forward to meeting with them again to explore, encourage, and share with others who are taking their own creative journeys!



Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey

A Creativity Work-Playshop!


What do we gather during our lives that influences, inspires, and contributes to our artistic abilities, interests, skills…and our designs & creations!?

We will explore the life stages and use creativity to experiment with the design process, using our own  artistic/creative medium of expression (painters, jewelry-makers, writers, etc.)! You will be encouraged to take steps–even small ones, or micro-movements!–towards your own unique goals as a creative person…

Interactive activities, mind-mapping, and discussions will be used as a guide for considering what creativity is, generating new ideas, and sharing your inspirations with other artists/creative people!

Our overall goal will be to have fun, enjoy sharing ideas, and being inspired!!

Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts ~~Sunday, August 10, 2014, 1:30-5:00 PM

For More Information and Workshop Registration

~Contact Eucalyptus Massage & Healing Arts.~


In the Studio~Holiday Inspirations

Frosty fingers and toes at a Christmas parade…


Warm cozy fires on a chilly morning…


Santa Claus everywhere you go…

PillowsSilk 007SantaB

Bright, colorful holiday fabrics…


New inspirations..motivations…visual expressions of the holiday season…

Experimenting with a holiday ornament shape, using faced applique and beading to add dimension…

Experimenting with a Holiday ornament shape...Faced applique  to add dimension...

The ornament shape used in another way in Santa’s Nighttime Trek

Ornament shape uses in another way...
Santa’s Nighttime Trek…

And the shape again in **Swishing Down the Hill…On a Winter’s Day! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! ***

**Swishing down the hill...on a Winter's day! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! ***
**Swishing down the hill…on a Winter’s day! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! ***

A Holiday Series~~Works in progress…

to be continued… 🙂