Autumn Days in the Studio~

Coffee in a Great Pottery Mug!

Today has been a wonderful warm Autumn day! I sat on the porch with my morning coffee…(in my new “birthday” pottery mug from the art shop at Heartwood~~Abingdon, VA)…

And heard a very loud wild turkey in the woods around our house…He never came into view, but it definitely “sounded” like Fall, reminding me that Thanksgiving is just around the corner too!

After some reading, dreaming, and planning, I came inside to work in the studio~~inspired by my time of contemplation!

Currently in the Studio, I’m finishing a small art quilt…designing the small yellow, fractured fish for the next Sea Images piece…and preparing “Fields at Toledo” for layering, threadpainting, and quilting~~

What are your Autumn inspirations? 


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Art Lover~~ Cheryl !



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First Glimpse of Fall Colors…

First Fall Colors

The first day I notice a flash of red or yellow among the tones of green in the woods, it is always a surprise to realize that summer’s end is drawing near.

Soon the tawny colors of Autumn will paint the landscape…Nature will get our attention with a visual reminder that life will always include changes–transitions from one season to another.

This seasonal transition has also served as inspiration for many artists over the years. In a past fall season, after collecting some of the first colorful fall leaves, I traced and used their shapes to design these wall-hangings.

The same leaves were used in both but experimenting with different types of prints, color, and quilting lines resulted in two variations on the same theme.

First Colors of Autumn, #2.
First Colors of Autumn, #1. Fused appliqué, free-motion quilting on cotton, 22 x 20 1/4". © 2009 Joni Beach.
First Colors of Autumn, #2. © 2009 Joni Beach.
First Colors of Autumn, #2. Fused appliqué, free-motion quilting on cotton, 17 1/4×17″. © 2009 Joni Beach.

So in the coming days, I will continue to observe the change of colors in the fall landscape, marvel at the brilliant variety of colors…

along with the many transitions in life.


*I realize not everyone experiences a fall season in the climate in which they live…I’d love to hear about which season or type of climate inspires you!?*

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