Inspirations~Things in a Row…

Visual inspirations are found all around us. Perhaps this is why photoblogging is so popular. As we travel or just go about our daily lives, we all see amazing views, interesting sights, and unusual events, which if not captured instantly their uniqueness are gone forever.

Today I want to share a few images, or visual inspirations that I call, Things In a Row

Gourds in a Row.....(c )2012, Joni Beach.
Gourds in a Row…..(c) 2012, Joni Beach.


Painted Flowerpots in a Row...(c) 2012, Joni Beach.
Painted Flowerpots in a Row…(c) 2012, Joni Beach.


Shovelheads in a Row.......(c) 2012, Joni Beach.
Shovelheads in a Row…….(c) 2012, Joni Beach.

Old Rusty Shovel Heads…

Sharing these found, unique inspirations with others has become a, perhaps unforseen, result of the new technologies we are all exploring and using in novel ways.

*Do you have any favorite photoblogs or visually inspirational blogs and websites? Feel free to share them with us!

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A Milestone ~ Internet’s Scope, Global Reach, and Social Change

A blog milestone has been reached this month–ending the first year with over 4,000 views on my site!!  Wow, it is difficult to believe how many people have visited and viewed my writing, ideas, art, and inspirations this past year.

The impact othe internet still amazes me with its scope, global reach, and social change.

Human Complexity, A Common Thread, (c) 2003 Joni Beach
Human Complexity, A Common Thread,(c) 2003 Joni Beach.
  • The unlimited scope of the internet is unique. In my experience teaching, school classes are never large…when writing, articles may have a limited audience…and when publishing, time is slower. Blogs are a creative outlet for writers, photographers, and artists and a new way of social connection for many people. The creativity shared daily in blogs is quite fun to witness! And, there is an unlimited number of possible readers.
  • The changes due to technology in the recent past years have been international with a global reachReaders to Lifeweavings this year have been from more than 70 different countries!  Blog viewers may be in the US or from around the world. The international reach of social media has seemed to shrink our world, making connection and communication instantaneous. This technology will continue to influence change around the globe.
  • Social change is always difficult to predict. With the internet as with all inventions–some changes were predicted, others were not. Who knew what the impact would be on family interaction and social relationships? Who knew how instant communication could influence changes in a classroom, or a country? While some things are very slow to change, it has been an interesting time to live and witness the rapid speed people have embraced new technological innovations.

So, during the second year of this blog, it will be interesting to see what changes I make in my own direction, to continue to explore other blogs, and to adjust to the rapid changes in technology…and the internet with its scope, global reach, and social change.

To all visitors of my blog, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey, this past year, I have been honored by your visit!

Thank You…

*It’d be fun to hear the ways that blogging, or other social media, has impacted or changed your life!  ?

Learn Something New Everyday…

*Wisdom [Learning] is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it. * (Albert Einstein)

Martha Stewart, being interviewed by Google Talks with Marissa Mayer, was asked what ideas she lived by. She answered that one idea guiding her was the saying,

   Learn something new everyday.    

This reminded me of a teaching concept--nurture a desire for lifelong learning. With an openness to continued learning, we take in new information and knowledge, which then impacts how we problem-solve, create, and behave. As an artist, we take in sensory experiences that impact our design process…whether through the music we compose, a wall-hanging we create, or a story that we write.

Boston - Boston Common: Parkman Plaza - Learning
Learning, Image by wallyg via Flickr

With a world that is changing quickly everyday, the changes and the speed at which they occur challenges each of us and our families continually. While it can create stress, it can also be a catalyst for growth. It is exciting to consider the new possibilities for the future.      

         It can be a stimulus for creativity, whether in our work or in our personal lives.

Change, while not always welcome, can force us to consider alternate ways of doing things, encourage us to try new experiences, and to consider the world around us with new eyes. In our families, we can use the latest technology as an aid to communicate with each other, provide up-dated information, and as tools for learning, while not allowing it to become a negative focus that erodes our time together and relationships.

As in most things, our changing world has the potential for positive or negative influences. So, perhaps the biggest challenge is to use the new things that we learn everyday…                                                         

…in ways that are good,


                                                 and add quality and well-being to our work, families, and lives.


Reference:* Quote– Albert Einstein to J. Dispentiere—March 24, 1954. AEA 59-495.)

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