Creativity “IDEAS”

This past month a special group of Art Lovers, Art Collectors and Creatives in Life received the first Studio NewsNotes by email! In it they got a 1st Glimpse of my latest art project, learned about what was new this month in the studio (I will be sharing that here very soon! 🙂 ), and received a Creativity IDEA to try. I want to regularly give IDEAS, to those who receive the Studio NewsNotes, ~ a Something to try for adding more Creativity to their daily lives!

The Creativity IDEA from the July Studio NewsNotes was:

* Sit in a different spot in a room!…in a classroom, office conference meeting, or living room watching TV. What do you notice? Anything new?… A different perspective?

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As a Thank-You, you will receive FREE, “10 Somethings To Try”, Adding More Creativity to Life.” It is a list of 10  Creativity IDEAS to get you started trying new and different things, gathering and generating many ideas, and experiencing and viewing life from different angles! 

What is a Something you do to encourage Creativity in your life, work, or creative projects? 🙂  

Who I am and Why I am Here! 2015…

It is 2015! Wow, how time does fly….I am not new to blogging but I want to review, learn new things with WordPress Blogging 101, and make changes that may take me in new directions!

I originally began this blog and website to create a professional on-line presence, sharing the things that are part of who I am~human development and family education and art/design. In Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey, my focus has been ~“The art of life…creativity in human development and artistic expression.” 

My first blog post was March 2011. 

“Today I am beginning this new blog…It’s good to have you here to begin this journey with me! I believe we are all weaving our own individual lives as we meet the challenges and joys of each and every day. Whether we are artists by trade or of life, creative problem-solving is a helpful tool. In our complex times, simple answers and solutions are not always available and exploring many possibilities is required.”

I am here to explore the principles of creativity in living daily life, and as an artist in designing and creating self-expressions to share my process and journey. These themes and ideas have been a continuing interest of mine.

If you also enjoy the creative process, want to consider ways creativity can enhance life experiences and family challenges, or are an artistic, creative person looking for encouragement and ideas, I invite you to visit this blog often!  


In the Studio~Work & Inspiration…

In the studio this week, several things were accomplished, including enlarging the pattern for the graphic flower. It is now ready to begin piecing and I am excited about the creative processEnlarging Pattern

Using the printer’s poster setting, I was able to enlarge the pattern to about 44″x 32″, which will make a more dramatic piece!

Several fabrics have been selected for this wall-hanging, though additional colors and textures will be chosen along the way…After reviewing different methods to transfer the pattern to fabric, I have decided to try an apparel design technique of using drafting paper to trace pattern pieces directly onto the fabric. A 1/4seam allowance will be added as each piece is cut out. Another decision to make will be what type of applique method to use–raw-edge fused?, layered and glued?, or edge hand-turned and basted?

Last week I received a gift in the mail–a beautiful piece of fabric–from someone who knows me very well! The piece is quite an inspiration with vivid, warm colors and a bold, graphic design. The panel is from the Dreamweavers series, designed by artist Stephanie Brandenburg and printed by Camelot Cottons. Visit Camelot Cottons’ website to read about this artist and view her work! Also, to learn more about her design process view the video, Meet Stephanie Brandenburg.

This was a good week in the studio and next week it will be great to continue the creative process!