Summer’s Renewal

Summer seems to have taken on a time schedule all its own! It has taken me out of my routine, required me to focus on other things, and ultimately helps give me a different perspective. All of this serves as a renewal…

New Bud
Opening Bud


Today I find my way back to the studio, ready to tackle tasks, begin a new design, and reach toward a major goal for 2012.

Interested in contemporary art quilts? The SAQA’s (Studio Art Quilt Association) Benefit Auction will be held in September!!  The artist’s donations for 2012 can now be seen on-line HERE! (see under “News & Events“)  This is a wonderful collection of the variety of unique styles, techniques, and creativity used by artists working in this medium! This event is for those interested in collecting art, at the same time contributing to promote the art quilt medium.

Does Summer take you out of your routine? If you are an artist, how does it impact your artwork?


6 Replies to “Summer’s Renewal”

  1. I hadn’t really thought about it before you asked. Summer establishes new routines for me. Gardening, walking early in the morning before the worst of the heat, and then the full swing of the harvest when I’m spending my days canning and freezing. It’s really my busiest time of year, leaving me little time for artwork. That may be one of the reasons I always look forward to winter when I can relax and let the snow and ice inspire me. 🙂


  2. I sounds like you are in rhythm with the seasons…as summer recedes and the snowflakes fall you can put all those ‘gathered” ideas into your own creations!


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