Lifeweavings: Top 5 Posts of 2011…

A blog I was reading this week listed their top 5 posts for the year and I decided it would be interesting to see which of my blog posts have been read the most in 2011–my first year, beginning in March?

And, ~~~drum-roll please~~~~, they are:

1. Quote…Life as a River


2. Trees, Symbols for LifeRed Maple

3. Tuesday…In the Studio–“An Artist’s Response to Materials”

Batik Cotton

4. Creativity~ More Than One Right Answer

One Answer,(c) 2011 Joni Beach
One Answer, (c) 2011 Joni Beach

5. Goals…Discouragement or Motivation? tied with…

Backing Lifeweaving #3
Studio Goal #3: Adding the Backing Fabric to Lifeweavings #3, Quilt the Top, and Finish Details and Photographing...Hoping to Enter This Into a Juried Exhibit This Fall.

Living Life Using Creativity.

English: Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. R...

If you missed any of these, you may want to read them now! Also, thank-you to everyone who has encouraged me by reading, liking, and subscribing to this blog. It has been educational and fun to set-up and manage a blog and website, and have visits from people around the globe!

My best to all as the New Year 2012 begins!

7 Replies to “Lifeweavings: Top 5 Posts of 2011…”

  1. Joni, I especially loved the No. 3. I am still inspired by the luciousness of these fabrics. They have helped me with many a word picture, directly or indirectly. I am so glad you have enjoyed running your blog, because I have certainly enjoyed visiting it. May your 2012 be light and laughter and love-filled!


  2. Joni – I so enjoyed reviewing your top posts … I agree with the readers – they are great! I like this idea – and hope you don’t mind if I do the same! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Thanks Becca and I certainly don’t mind. It isn’t original with me. As many good ideas, I discovered and borrowed it from someone else! I’ll look forward to your list!


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