Quote…Life as a River

River...“Nothing is ever the same. Rivers are symbolic of our lives, moving and ever-changing. Movement is life. We feel freedom as we move with the currents…”                                                                                                    Alexandra Stoddard

This quote is from a small book by Alexandra Stoddard, entitled Grace Notes, A Book of Daily Meditations (p.175, 1993). It sits in a basket and I regularly pick it up and read one or two pages at a time…over the years my copy has become well-worn and in a few pieces. For a book…that’s a good sign!

Even though we may take comfort in the familiar, realizing the changing nature of life helps individuals and families to meet the daily stresses, and sometimes crises, of life. Being flexible can help us solve problems and cope with challenges. These same elements are used by artists as they design a piece of art–being able to explore new ways of working with certain materials or considering multiple possible answers are examples of the creative process they need to solve problems and make the artwork that they desire. In life, as in art, may we be able to move with the currents…

11 Replies to “Quote…Life as a River”

  1. I like the illustration of the river. Rivers have so many different movements in the way the water may be calm but when there are rocks in the way it becomes more turbulent then there are also the waterfalls. It is so true with our lives and how we move forward quickly at times and have slow down times. The river can also change coarse if the water moves through quickly or an obstruction gets in the way. I see the changes in our lives running like this. Thanks for the illustration.


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