Recharging and Renewal…

Hi Everyone! It is in the middle of the winter @ my house, with below freezing temperatures and many gray days. With the holidays over, it is a time to recharge….reorganize….and renew inspirations for creating, exploring, and trying out new things in the studio!


So far this has been the only snowman at our house! Though it is only January…

In the spirit of recharging and renewing, on Sunday I attended a wonderful Sound Therapy concert by BreAnna Martin. She demonstrates and performs beautifully, playing the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gong, tuning forks and her voice, creating a relaxing, enjoyable, meditative experience! You can learn more about her story and what she offers at her website, The Singing Hare.  

Music and soothing sounds has always been important to me, and part of my creative life. 

As another new venture in the studio, I have begun an Instagram account for sharing artwork and inspirations! If you are on Instagram, visit me at @jonibeach …

You may also have noticed, my website has been updated (and continues to be!  🙂  ). Please explore and visit the Gallery and Art Shop to view earlier, as well as available Studio art work! I am now offering select designs as beautiful, open edition, high quality archival, Art Prints…printed individually by me in the studio~signed and matted (ready to frame). If you collect unique, original art or need a special gift for someone you know, please visit the shop and look around! 🙂

….Life can certainly be challenging, and after busy events or time of stress, finding ways of restoring our balance is critical for our creativity….as well as our well-being!  …..

What do you do to recharge and renew?



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