Rhythms of Life

Just like in music, part of the rhythm of life includes the rests. A rest in music is the time (or times) where a silence or a pause in the active singing or playing of a note occurs.

This spring I came to a rest of sorts…I did not actually stop doing everything, but I took a break from my usual routine. It gave me time to welcome new family, take a great adventure, and travel.  The rest provided me with new experiences, influences, images, and perspectives. As summer ended, I had reflected, regrouped, and was ready for new goals, projects, and a new regular routine.

As an artist, I gathered many ideas, inspirations, and influences for many new designs and goals. Everyday there is work being done in the studio to prepare for a new exhibit…(more about that later)! I am creating several new pieces, each in various stages of the creative process~~

Sketching an idea…

Sketch of Idea
Sketch of Idea

Piecing and composing an image…

A New Perspective, ©2013JoniBeach
A New Perspective, ©2013 Joni Beach.

Or adding details with threadpainting and quilt lines…

Meow, Mr. Whiskers, ©2013 Joni Beach.
Meow, Mr. Whiskers, ©2013 Joni Beach.

So the notes are being played again, the rest was in an earlier measure.

Now the music I am playing is greatly enhanced ~~such are the Rhythms of Life.

**What are your rests in the rhythm of your work and life? What gives you that forward movement towards your plans and goals?

I will be posting new art regularly on my blog and in the website gallery as pieces are finished!! Thanks for your Visit…

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