In the Studio…Winter Series

In the studio…It is still winter here and I am longing for colorful spring flowers and warmer days!

Two new pieces from my Wintertime series are finished:

Santa’s Night-time Trek

Santa's Night-time Trek.  © 2013, Joni Beach
Santa’s Night-time Trek. © 2013, Joni Beach

…Inspired by an ornament, its shape was cut from several printed fabrics and layered. Thread-painting was used to accent the details. Free-motion quilting was done to add dimension and movement, helping Santa soar upwards through the sky!

Winter Wren

Winter Wren. © 2013, Joni Beach

The same ornament shape was used in this piece. Using a faced-appilque technique the shapes were stacked to form a 3-D effect. A wren on the fabric print is the focus. It is accented by thread and beads. Dense-stitch quilting was used on the background to add more depth and texture.

The third piece, **Swishing Down the Hill…On a Winter Day! Wheeee***, is a work-in-progress!

Swishing Down the Hill...On a Winter's Day, Wheeeee. © 2013, Joni Beach
Detail Close-up: **Swishing Down the Hill…On a Winter’s Day! Wheeee***. © 2013, Joni Beach

Guess I better finish it quickly…before the snow melts!

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