A Milestone ~ Internet’s Scope, Global Reach, and Social Change

A blog milestone has been reached this month–ending the first year with over 4,000 views on my site!!  Wow, it is difficult to believe how many people have visited and viewed my writing, ideas, art, and inspirations this past year.

The impact othe internet still amazes me with its scope, global reach, and social change.

Human Complexity, A Common Thread, (c) 2003 Joni Beach
Human Complexity, A Common Thread,(c) 2003 Joni Beach.
  • The unlimited scope of the internet is unique. In my experience teaching, school classes are never large…when writing, articles may have a limited audience…and when publishing, time is slower. Blogs are a creative outlet for writers, photographers, and artists and a new way of social connection for many people. The creativity shared daily in blogs is quite fun to witness! And, there is an unlimited number of possible readers.
  • The changes due to technology in the recent past years have been international with a global reachReaders to Lifeweavings this year have been from more than 70 different countries!  Blog viewers may be in the US or from around the world. The international reach of social media has seemed to shrink our world, making connection and communication instantaneous. This technology will continue to influence change around the globe.
  • Social change is always difficult to predict. With the internet as with all inventions–some changes were predicted, others were not. Who knew what the impact would be on family interaction and social relationships? Who knew how instant communication could influence changes in a classroom, or a country? While some things are very slow to change, it has been an interesting time to live and witness the rapid speed people have embraced new technological innovations.

So, during the second year of this blog, it will be interesting to see what changes I make in my own direction, to continue to explore other blogs, and to adjust to the rapid changes in technology…and the internet with its scope, global reach, and social change.

To all visitors of my blog, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey, this past year, I have been honored by your visit!

Thank You…

*It’d be fun to hear the ways that blogging, or other social media, has impacted or changed your life!  ?

10 Replies to “A Milestone ~ Internet’s Scope, Global Reach, and Social Change”

  1. Hi Joni, Congratulations! As a poet, I enjoy blogging so much; and I also still enjoy and value the print journals. I like, for example, that I can repost a poem that appeared in a print journal awhile ago, give it new life, and also help others find the journal if they are interested.



    1. Ellen, I can see where that would be a benefit to connect with and bring an even larger audience to your published work. May your blogging continue to provide much enjoyment!


  2. Joni, blogging and Facebook and Tweeting has TOTALLY changed my life! I am confident, I am focused, I am encouraged daily, I am inspired every hour! It matters not one whit what I look like, what kind of house I live in, what is my native tongue, what my voice sounds like! Hooray–I am totally liberated to pursue my writing–and some fun doodling I have just started with some software I am learning! Your posted fabric art creations today are beyond gorgeous and speak volumes about human complexity! Bless you and thank you for this year of maintaining such a great blog!


  3. Granbee, you have described some great benefits of the use of these social media…Thanks for your comments and my best to you in your writings…and explorations with your new software.


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