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In the early 90’s living at the home of Virginia Tech, I remember one afternoon my son came from middle school excited and told me his class was going to do an Internet project. I answered by saying, “What’s the Internet?” And, of course he’s been ahead of me on this technology ever since.

Well, a lot has changed since I asked that question and we now use the internet everyday. The internet began largely as information sharing. So in that spirit, today I want to do something new and ask a Lifeweaving question–Here’s one  for the weekend…

Do you have a Gallery of your artwork [or Photoblog such as Flickr]?  Or, do you have a Website focused on a specific topic?

If so, feel free to post a brief description and the URL/domain in the Comments below, so we can visit and see your work or website!

Enjoy this beautiful October weekend and see you next week!

3 Replies to “Reader Sharing…”

  1. I’m what I like to call a compulsive art quilt/fiber artist. I show my work mainly through ETSY, I show my new work and have a gallery on facebook. My blog has a more complete gallery page and I post new work & works in progress. My work is original art. Most of it I have hand pained on silk, the elements in the composition are painted seperately & appliqued on to the back ground then appliqued onto the silk background. It is thread painted and free motion quilted to add other elements too the design,
    My style ranges from abstract to modern florals. My one constant is bold color.
    Barbara Harms


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