Studio on the Porch~

Today I moved my studio to the porch in order to take-in the beautiful autumn colors just over the railing, as well as the warmth of a bright, sunny day. From The PorchLast week it was very chilly here in Virginia’s mountains and was a reminder to get the chimney cleaned and the fireplace ready for the winter! But, today was warm and breezy and I was drawn to work on the porch.

As the leaves rustled in the breeze, birds were noisily arguing, and in a distance a lawnmower was grinding, I got some of the quilting done on the Lifeweaving #3 wall-hanging. Quilting Raw EdgesWith the woven strips, it wasn’t clear whether the pins would be enough to hold the top together while sewing. But, so far so good–and a tiny zig-zag stitch seems to cover the raw edges well. It will require slowly working from the middle out, toward the sides, and in sections.

The afternoon light faded quickly…also, tomorrow may be rainy, so the porch may not be as inviting then…but for today it was perfect!Studio On The Porch

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