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It is still a magical time for me…that time when the first snowflakes begin to fall. 

Each one silently floats to the earth until a thin covering of white touches the ground, the porch, and the trees…As if someone was sifting powdered sugar over the earth.

The lines of the outdoors becomes visible with the sugary coating…the tree limbs, the bushes, the cars, and the old bicycle behind the shed.

While the indoors feels warm and cozy…a safe haven from the elements. 

It is a time of quiet, of reflection, of contentment…a time of being home.  


***What gives you a time of reflection, which in turn feeds your art…or your life in general?***                                                                                                                                                                   

Winter’s Magic~**Snow***

One thing that is still magical to me about winter is snow.*** I grew up in the South and rarely had the thrill of playing in the snow as a child. Whenever a few flakes did fall, it was considered an unusual and exciting event, which never lasted for more than a day or two at the most! We were very creative in making the most of even a dusting of the white, magical, icy cold powder–making snow cream, sledding down a hill in a cardboard box, collecting the snow from the whole yard for a small snowman, or seeing who could create the best snow angel. If a few flakes were sighted by the children while at school, no teacher was able to contain the shrieking and running to the windows to watch it in wonder and awe !

Today we are expecting snow here…I begin to feel the excitement of childhood with this first snow of winter. I now live in a place where snow regularly falls during the wintertime, so by spring I am usually tired of the extra bundling up and shoveling the driveway. But for today as the snow begins to fall, I will remember my childhood excitement as I work in the studio on a piece in my Winter series — adding threads to make this scene come alive…

Winter PixB

even if just in my memories!

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

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