Winter’s Magic~**Snow***

One thing that is still magical to me about winter is snow.*** I grew up in the South and rarely had the thrill of playing in the snow as a child. Whenever a few flakes did fall, it was considered an unusual and exciting event, which never lasted for more than a day or two at the most! We were very creative in making the most of even a dusting of the white, magical, icy cold powder–making snow cream, sledding down a hill in a cardboard box, collecting the snow from the whole yard for a small snowman, or seeing who could create the best snow angel. If a few flakes were sighted by the children while at school, no teacher was able to contain the shrieking and running to the windows to watch it in wonder and awe !

Today we are expecting snow here…I begin to feel the excitement of childhood with this first snow of winter. I now live in a place where snow regularly falls during the wintertime, so by spring I am usually tired of the extra bundling up and shoveling the driveway. But for today as the snow begins to fall, I will remember my childhood excitement as I work in the studio on a piece in my Winter series — adding threads to make this scene come alive…

Winter PixB

even if just in my memories!

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

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