Bits of “News” & Inspiration!

We are in the middle of winter here in the mountains with a foot of new snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures! Like much of the U.S., this is not our typical weather even for this time of year. So I am hibernating and in the studio a lot is getting done! 🙂

I’d like you to know about the new Facebook Page for the studio, which will be used to give glimpses of works-in-progress, bits of studio news, and even alert people to new blog posts! Be sure to check it out at Joni Beach on Facebook!

I will end by sharing some new inspiration that was recently gathered….Hope your day is filled with some new wonders!

Sand, Sky, & the Deep Blue Sea
Sand, Sky, & the Deep Blue Sea

 *What are some of your inspirations? Feel free to share them here and make a link to your website/blog! I’d love to hear from you….

Spring Yellow~Hope

In March, winter has a hard time leaving the area where we live. One day it will be sunny and warm with signs of the hope of spring.ylFlrs

A few days later winter’s blanket of white will cover the newly budded flowers and trees.


But through this transition, ultimately spring will arrive and summer will follow…A recent art quilt, which is now on exhibit, also shows the brilliance of a yellow flower. For me I always think of these as signs of hope and a celebration of life!

The inspiration for this piece was a photo that I took in a backyard garden that captured its colors and shape from a different angle~the bottom side~ with the sunlight shining from above.

A Different Perspective, rayon on cotton. 45" x  45",   © 2014 Joni Beach. Pieced, free-motion quilting. applique, threadsketching.($2000)
A Different Perspective, rayon on cotton. 45″ x 45″, © 2014 Joni Beach. Pieced, free-motion quilting. applique, threadsketching.

I enlarged the image to the desired size to use as a guide. The composition was pieced by cutting fabric pieces and gluing them into position. Extensive free-motion quilting was used to construct the design and add depth and texture. The edges were finished with a facing. I also sign and date each wall-hanging in the lower left-hand corner, using free-motion threadsketching.

A Different Perspective and other contemporary textiles may be seen in the Art Gallery. Enjoy these signs of spring…hope…and a celebration of life!

 Several pieces are available through Eucalyptus Massage Center Gallery. 

*I would love to hear what inspires you and are your reminders of hope?



In the Studio…Winter Series

In the studio…It is still winter here and I am longing for colorful spring flowers and warmer days!

Two new pieces from my Wintertime series are finished:

Santa’s Night-time Trek

Santa's Night-time Trek.  © 2013, Joni Beach
Santa’s Night-time Trek. © 2013, Joni Beach

…Inspired by an ornament, its shape was cut from several printed fabrics and layered. Thread-painting was used to accent the details. Free-motion quilting was done to add dimension and movement, helping Santa soar upwards through the sky!

Winter Wren

Winter Wren. © 2013, Joni Beach

The same ornament shape was used in this piece. Using a faced-appilque technique the shapes were stacked to form a 3-D effect. A wren on the fabric print is the focus. It is accented by thread and beads. Dense-stitch quilting was used on the background to add more depth and texture.

The third piece, **Swishing Down the Hill…On a Winter Day! Wheeee***, is a work-in-progress!

Swishing Down the Hill...On a Winter's Day, Wheeeee. © 2013, Joni Beach
Detail Close-up: **Swishing Down the Hill…On a Winter’s Day! Wheeee***. © 2013, Joni Beach

Guess I better finish it quickly…before the snow melts!