Winter Wren (2013)

A tiny bird with a golden berry in its beak…an ornament shape suggesting the Winter’s holiday season. “Winter Wren”, 8″ x 9 12″ is part of the series, “Winter Holidays”.

Winter Wren. © 2013, Joni Beach
Winter Wren, Rayon & metallic on cotton, 7 3/4″ x 9 1/2″, © 2013 Joni Beach. Faced-applique, beading, free-motion and dense stitch quilting. © 2013 Joni Beach.

An experiment with faced applique gives this a unique 3-D effect by layering several ornament shapes together. Free-motion, dense stitch quilting with metallic thread adds a more details, texture, and shimmer, while Beading adds the detail of golden berries on the holly bush!

Textile art is rich in texture and depth…This may be just the piece to add to your collection!

Winter Wren, Original Art Quilt

An original Art Quilt~Size 8″ x 9 1/2″~A perfect Holiday gift for someone special!


A hanging sleeve is added to the back for displaying. As a Free Bonus gift, a small slat with two holes is included (Can be hung with 2 pins or small nails~not included). Other options for displaying textiles pieces include shadow box frames or mounting on canvas. Professional framers, experienced with preserving and displaying textiles, can be helpful with these and other ideas.