Life On Hold…

Last week I posted that I felt like I was “spinning my wheels” and not moving forward with my goals in the studio…and then we lost our internet connection and phone service for almost a week!! Living in a heavily wooded neighborhood, both squirrels and mice had chosen our lines to mess with and disrupt service. Immediately, I was reminded that some things in life just can not be controlled. Just like the weather and a power outage, which so many in the US recently have experienced, some of the things we take for granted and depend on daily can suddenly,  just not work!

When this type of thing occurs, of course, at first I am surprised, then definitely I am irritated, then on to frustrated. Finally, when it takes longer to correct than I think it should, I give up and accept it and then change my normal schedule and expectations. Thoughts of the “good ole days” before computers, the internet, websites and even phones, come to mind and my time was redirected with other activities in and out of the studio–such as piecing a new wall hanging and a creative day spent in town to recharge and gather new inspirations.

So after almost a week of no email checking, blogging, or even the phone, the service is restored and I am back on-line…                                                                                                                                                        and have had a lesson (once again) in patience.

*What do you do when the technology that we depend on suddenly does not work? *                                                                                                                                              Related Posts:  Tuesday In the Studio…Spinning Wheels, Going @

Tuesday In the Studio…”Spinning Wheels, Going @”

In the studio, as in life, many times I feel I am spinning my wheels without making much movement forward…even though I have been busy working on many tasks. Why is it difficult to understand that these smaller tasks, or micromovements as SARK in her book,  Make Your Creative Dreams Real, A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day (2004) calls them, are very important in reaching the end goals. Perhaps my long-term goals, while important, overshadow the now and add unnecessary pressure, instead of guiding my process and outcomes. I lose the joy of being creative and the sense of play, improvising, and experimenting.

So what have I accomplished today? Well, the top of my desk is organized! Also, the Art Portfolio on my website needed revising so it now has a new look and organization. [Be sure to check it out!] It helps to see my current body of work and gives me ideas of where to head next! So perhaps this is, after all, an important stage in the creative process–a time to organize, generate new ideas, and think of future goals–

The conclusion? Even though some days it feels like spinning wheels, going @…maybe there really are micromovements forward!

*What micromovements did you make today?*

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First Glimpse of Fall Colors…

First Fall Colors

The first day I notice a flash of red or yellow among the tones of green in the woods, it is always a surprise to realize that summer’s end is drawing near.

Soon the tawny colors of Autumn will paint the landscape…Nature will get our attention with a visual reminder that life will always include changes–transitions from one season to another.

This seasonal transition has also served as inspiration for many artists over the years. In a past fall season, after collecting some of the first colorful fall leaves, I traced and used their shapes to design these wall-hangings.

The same leaves were used in both but experimenting with different types of prints, color, and quilting lines resulted in two variations on the same theme.

First Colors of Autumn, #2.
First Colors of Autumn, #1. Fused appliqué, free-motion quilting on cotton, 22 x 20 1/4". © 2009 Joni Beach.
First Colors of Autumn, #2. © 2009 Joni Beach.
First Colors of Autumn, #2. Fused appliqué, free-motion quilting on cotton, 17 1/4×17″. © 2009 Joni Beach.

So in the coming days, I will continue to observe the change of colors in the fall landscape, marvel at the brilliant variety of colors…

along with the many transitions in life.


*I realize not everyone experiences a fall season in the climate in which they live…I’d love to hear about which season or type of climate inspires you!?*

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