Above Dark Clouds…

My piece, Above Dark Clouds is finished and on its way as a donation to the SAQA Benefit Auction (Studio Art Quilts Association).

Above Dark Clouds, (c)2011Joni Beach
"Above Dark Clouds", Frayed-edge appliqué, pieced, quilted with rayon on hand-painted & commercial cotton, 11 1/2 x 11 1/2". (c)2011 Joni Beach.

It is satisfying to make a deadline, especially since I missed it last year!  🙂  Also, I will get to send in my new website and blog address with it, which was one of my goals for the year–to create a website and blog before the SAQA Benefit Auction.

This is a design idea I have actually tried before and did not finish. In flying to a health

"Above Dark Clouds",close-up, (c)2011 Joni Beach

center during a family health crisis, I would get above the rain clouds and realize how bright and beautiful the sun and cobalt blue sky was continually. It was an encouragement to me and became a symbol of hope and peace.

In experimenting with the design of this piece, I decided the horizontal lines for the sky, while somewhat simple, best portrayed the idea of calm and peace. The variation of the blue fabric I hand-painted to the desired color adds extra visual interest.

"Above Dark Clouds" detail, (c)2011 Joni Beach

For the clouds, I decided I liked the frayed edges for the softness and dimension it gave in contrast to the cleaner lines of the pieced sections of the sun and sky.

"Above Dark Clouds" detail, (c)2011 Joni Beach

In the future I plan to create a series exploring these ideas and theme, beginning with a similar large piece based on this design.

The SAQA Benefit Auction is an annual fundraising event and features a wonderful collection of members’ artwork, which can be obtained at very good prices!  Check it out the donated artwork now at http://www.saqa.com/saqa-u.php?ID=1791. The first day of the on-line bidding is September 12th, 2011, beginning at 2:00PM Eastern Standard time.

As life’s clouds sometimes gather, may the knowledge of the warm sun and brilliant, cobalt blue sky that still lies above it all bring you hope and peace…

4 Replies to “Above Dark Clouds…”

  1. Hi Joni,

    Thanks so much for your visit! Your work is lovely ~ so simple and yet complex I am sure in its evolution. Happy summer to you!



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