Life On Hold…

Last week I posted that I felt like I was “spinning my wheels” and not moving forward with my goals in the studio…and then we lost our internet connection and phone service for almost a week!! Living in a heavily wooded neighborhood, both squirrels and mice had chosen our lines to mess with and disrupt service. Immediately, I was reminded that some things in life just can not be controlled. Just like the weather and a power outage, which so many in the US recently have experienced, some of the things we take for granted and depend on daily can suddenly,  just not work!

When this type of thing occurs, of course, at first I am surprised, then definitely I am irritated, then on to frustrated. Finally, when it takes longer to correct than I think it should, I give up and accept it and then change my normal schedule and expectations. Thoughts of the “good ole days” before computers, the internet, websites and even phones, come to mind and my time was redirected with other activities in and out of the studio–such as piecing a new wall hanging and a creative day spent in town to recharge and gather new inspirations.

So after almost a week of no email checking, blogging, or even the phone, the service is restored and I am back on-line…                                                                                                                                                        and have had a lesson (once again) in patience.

*What do you do when the technology that we depend on suddenly does not work? *                                                                                                                                              Related Posts:  Tuesday In the Studio…Spinning Wheels, Going @

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