In the Studio…Changing Locations

Warm sunny days finally arrived and I moved my studio work to the front porch!!  It felt heavenly….

Front Porch Studio

Warm breezes through the trees, birds happily singing, and inspirations all around!

Swirl of Yellow

And a fresh start on a current piece…

Back In the Studio

****I’d love to Hear what inspires You as a Creative in Life right now?*****

[Please feel free to share in Comments!]



3 Replies to “In the Studio…Changing Locations”

  1. Once I get to the “quilting” stage (which I do by hand) I like to move to my favorite bench by the lake. Before that it’s just too difficult to move it outside. — I use too many different fabrics and other stuff and I usually make a big mess. 🙂


    1. Espirstional on the day of this photo the breeze picked up and, while warm and felt great, the fabric pieces had to be pinned! So I agree that it will be best to have the design ready to quilt, unless a Very calm day! 😉🦋….the lake spot sounds great!

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