New Art~ Lifeweaving #3

Lifeweaving #3: 9 Stages of Life has been in process for a long time and finally it is the key piece in an exhibit, Lifeweavings: A Creative Journey! 

It was so exciting to finish this piece because it has so many layers of meaning for me. Inspired by books by Joan Anderson (A Walk on the Beach and others) and Joan Erickson’s 9th stage of life, this is the 3rd Lifeweaving in a series entitled, Transitions.

Lifeweaving #3: 9 Stages of Life,  59" x 45", rayon and metallic on cotton. Woven fabric strips, machine and free-motion quilting. (c) 2014 Joni Beach. ($2400)
Lifeweaving #3: 9 Stages of Life, 59″ x 45″, rayon and metallic on cotton. Woven fabric strips, machine and free-motion quilting. (c) 2014 Joni Beach.

In earlier posts, you have seen its beginnings when I first wove the strips of fabric together. Recently the quilting to hold it all together was completed. I decided to use a small zigzag to join the strips and stabilize the piece. Because of the raw edges I found a double row of stitching worked much better. 

When it came time to quilt more lines of color through each section, I had to quilt sideways from left to right in order to  write the words using free-motion. Adding the words as quilted line provided an additional layer of meaning…

The words are the strengths and traits people can gain at each stage of life, from infancy through very old adulthood. For example, in stage 1 , trust and hope. It was interesting how in the process of creating, I had time to consider each stage, my experiences, and what I feel I’ve gain along the way through-out my life…Where am I located on the wall hanging? In the middle? Near the top? At the bottom?

People at the exhibit’s opening on Friday enjoyed viewing Lifeweavings #3 and had fun trying to find the words that were in each section. It will be on exhibit through March 31st and available at Eucalyptus Massage Center Gallery. Please visit my website Art Gallery to view other pieces in the Transitions series!

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