Support the Arts~and Artists

This Christmas consider supporting the arts and small business by buying gifts from a local Artist!

Christmas Art…

Artwork can be:

*Locally (or regionally) made…helps the local economy.


*Handcrafted…has been touched by the designer’s hand.

*An expression with meaning…an individual’s vision and ideas.

*Found at many different places… in art centers, studios, galleries, on-line websites, and arts & craft showsales.


Some Artists’ work to check-out on-line!

*Studio Art Quilts Association…Art quilts by professional quilters and members of the association.

Flame Glow StudioLaura Leva, artist… Unique one-of-a-kind necklace designs made of brightly colored glass stones, sea glass, and iridescent beads.

*On my Right sidebar are several Artists Webrings you might like to explore.


Are you an Artist?

*If you are an artists, feel free to leave your link below in the Comments!  

Please remember to visit local Artists while Christmas shopping!  🙂


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