In the Studio~Vibrant Color, Silk, & Meditation

Motivation for many textile artists comes from the materials themselves. Not just the visual impact of the colors, but also the tactile experience–the feel when touching the fabric, or its hand. The hand can be anything from smooth and soft to nubby and scratchy.

I had this silk for a while and decided to make some reversible pillows–Cobalt blue on one side…

PillowsSilk 023B

and on the other, turquoise with a simple graphic design of  cobalt blue appliqued stripes.

PillowsSilk 020B

On a trip this past spring I purchased some beautiful, brightly colored, light-as-air sheer silk.  For a Christmas gift I decided to hand-roll the edge of this silk to make a scarf.

Again, the motivation first was the color and softness of the material, but as I slowly took tiny stitches to draw up the raw-edge and turn it in upon itself the act of concentration became meditation. Time slowed…my focus narrowed…and thoughts and ideas swirled in my mind…

Handwork is not my strong-suit for many times I am too impatient for activities this slow and demanding. But this time was different. I found that by using silk, needle and thread, the thoughts, love and images swirling in my mind had time to create quiet, to weave together, and be sewn… into calmness and peace.  

*What are the things or processes in your art, or in life, that provide motivation, meditation, and peace?                   


4 Replies to “In the Studio~Vibrant Color, Silk, & Meditation”

  1. Beautiful, Joni. I love the colors. 🙂

    My walks around the pond provide me with all three (motivation, meditation, and peace). I’m trying to figure out a way to bring the colors inside, now that it’s time to repaint. It’s been 9 years and the place needs sprucing up a little. My kitchen walls, by the way, are cobalt blue. I don’t think I’ll be changing that as I still like it, and love seeing the brush strokes. This is the first home I was able to paint as I wished and the first color I picked out was cobalt blue for the kitchen.


  2. Your walks do sound inspiring…for the body and the spirit! Painting the colors you love and surrounding yourself with them daily is uplifting for sure…thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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