HOPE for a CURE~VT Relay For Life 2012

Relay For Life is a support and encouragement to families and individuals who have been touched by the challenges of living with cancer and in memory to those whose cancer struggle has ended. 

Virginia Tech is where we “Relay For Life” every year. VT was the top fund-raiser among universities in 2011, raising more than $600,000, and the student planned and implemented event is an inspiring experience.

See Virginia Tech: Relay for Life 2011 video (youtube.com)

VTHOPE, (c) 2012, Joni Beach.

This year every person at the microphone began by saying, Why I Relay...“. The answers included “because of my mother …grandmother …roommate …uncle …father… friend…sister…brother, etc.”  

See video— Virginia Tech Relay For Life 2012

As I look at the energetic, dedicated, youthful faces around me, who will walk, run, and stay up all night for this event, I am struck with the thought that perhaps it will be from this generation that a CURE will be found…

HOPE Illuminaries, (c )2012, Joni Beach.
HOPE Illuminaries, (c) 2012, Joni Beach.

HOPE for a CURE.

Blessings, Hope, and Peace to all individuals and their families who are dealing with cancer.

6 Replies to “HOPE for a CURE~VT Relay For Life 2012”

  1. For quite a few years, the company I worked for raised enormous amounts of money in our country for our annual Relay for Life. I pray for all individuals and families dealing with cancer. My own mother died in 2000 from uterine cancer that metasisized, despite very aggressive and temporary (5 times!) remissions. Did you know how essential a role proper pH balance plays in preventing the growth of cancer cells in the body?


    1. Support for Relay for Life helps so many…your company did a very good thing for helping in research, but also the honoring survivors and in memory of people, as in your family. I believe continuing to study what plays a role in preventing cancer growth, as you mentioned, is such an important goal .


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