Inspirations of Color~~Valentine’s Day Red

Red that pops against the gray of the winter forest… 

Valentine's Day Red

The backdrop of the winter canvas heightens the drama of a single color…

A display of Mother Nature’s grasp of artistic principles–contrast and emphasis.

8 Replies to “Inspirations of Color~~Valentine’s Day Red”

  1. Perfect choice for Valentine’s Day red, C.L.! I love this red, red cardinal against all the wintery neutral tans and greys. The autumn leaves still retain a little bit of warmer color, brought out by the red of the cardinal. The textures of tree trunks and twigs and leaves and the feeder all contrast so well in their roughness and smooth plasticity with the soft delicate textures of the bird’s various types of fluff and feathers. I can just see you getting right to work on a wonderful piece of fabric art based on this photo!


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