Thanksgiving, Family and the Circle of Life…

Fall Harvest

Like many families, my family has a reunion during Thanksgiving week. People travel from many states to attend. Over the years we have watched our own children (my parents grandchildren) grow up–and this week we had several Greatgrandchildren, and counting! In addition to celebrating Thanksgiving, we celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other special events…Each year it becomes more apparent how important this time has become for all of us, from the older folks down to the younger members of the clan.

With a large extended family and members living all over the US, as well as other countries, it is a time of catching up and the renewal of relationships. We get to visit with the people who share our common ancestry and history. These are the people who can tell the family stories that will be passed through the generations, forming a familial bond. It allows a glimpse of the circle of life–for example, once it was my siblings and I who were the children playing with the cousins, now the children are our grandchildren! And, that seems quite remarkable…

As the Thanksgiving week ends everyone travels back home and…

   Leaving with them are…

               memories of shared activities…

                                                                 good food…

                                                                               and reminders of our many blessings–

That there truly is a circle of life.

11 Replies to “Thanksgiving, Family and the Circle of Life…”

  1. As a Thanksgiving and special occasions should be … a treasured event with memories in the making. Thank you for sharing ~~ May you and your family be blessed with abundance at the start of the holiday season. 🙂


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