With Our Senses Awake…

We will live this life only once.

Experiencing the world @ us, in ways beyond what we can imagine on our own, is truly an exciting experience of the sensesIt can be…

Water Falls

seeing with our eyes, a huge vista in nature, beautiful beyond words… 

hearing with our ears, music that tickles our ears and vibrates our bodies…                                                                                                                                                                         holding a in our arms, a sweet baby who is warm, new, and beautiful…

      smelling with our nose, honeysuckle’s scent swirling past us on a path…

        tasting with our tongues, golden cookies freshly baked, steaming from                                                                                                                                               the oven….

Fresh Baked Cookies

Or, it can be…                                                                                                                                                  a work of art, large in size, vibrant in colors, and amazing to our eyes.

These  things all peak our curiosity,                                                                                                                     take us outside of ourselves,                                                                                                                          and remind us what it is to be alive…

As a parent caring for your family, an individual working each day, or an artist creating an original design. It is through our senses that we take in information from @ us and the environment in which we live. This information can serve, among other things, to remind us of the importance of the everyday, encourage us to value those @ us, and to inspire and motivate us to accomplish more than we can perhaps imagine!

♦ These are some of the things that help remind me to enjoy my family or motivates me to engage in one of the arts? How about you? ♦                                            (If Comment box is not on page, click below on small gray words, “Leave a Comment”)

6 Replies to “With Our Senses Awake…”

  1. I can almost hear the water flowing and smell the cookies. Thanks for helping me be more aware of my senses. Wish I was holding a new baby now. I’ll have to let one of our cats be a substitution.


  2. Thank-you Isadora…I’d always been told yoga was such a good thing. When I was doing some schooling I took a class for a year and found it was true. It was a great thing to learn. So glad you liked this post. joni


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