*Signs of the Holidays*

**There are now signs of the holidays everywhere**

Candy canes…santa’s…snowmen (and women ūüôā )…wreaths…reindeer…Christmas¬†trees…music…color…gifts…candy…parties…parades…

**A time to honor Memories & celebrate Life**


I enjoyed viewing artist Karma’s Christmas Illustration Challenge…see at Gallery Karma.

She shares her results at http://www.dancingchimeras.com/twelvedays.html  ENJOY!

In the Studio~Vibrant Color, Silk, & Meditation

Motivation for many¬†textile¬†artists comes from the materials themselves. Not just the visual impact of the colors, but also the tactile experience–the feel when touching the fabric, or its¬†hand. The hand can be anything from smooth and soft to nubby and¬†scratchy.

I had this silk for a while and decided to make some reversible pillows–Cobalt¬†blue on one side…

PillowsSilk 023B

and on the other, turquoise with a simple graphic design of  cobalt blue appliqued stripes.

PillowsSilk 020B

On a trip this past spring I purchased some beautiful, brightly colored, light-as-air sheer silk.  For a Christmas gift I decided to hand-roll the edge of this silk to make a scarf.

Again, the motivation first was the color¬†and softness¬†of the material, but as I slowly took tiny stitches to draw up the raw-edge and turn it in upon itself the act of¬†concentration became meditation. Time slowed…my focus narrowed…and thoughts and ideas swirled in my mind…

Handwork is not my¬†strong-suit for many times I am too impatient for activities this slow and demanding. But this time was different. I found that by using silk, needle and thread,¬†the thoughts, love and images swirling in my mind had time to create quiet, to weave¬†together, and¬†be sewn… into calmness and peace. ¬†

*What are the things or processes in your art, or in life, that provide motivation, meditation, and peace?