Inspirations~Afternoon Visitors

During a long day alone in the studio, it is an inspiration to look outside at the nature around me and see our afternoon visitors!


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In the Studio~”It’s Back to the Drawing Board!”

Adjustment Button

Post-Thanksgiving has meant renewed time in the studio this week.  Yesterday when turning on my sewing machine, the light on the panel was too dim to read and I almost panicked. On no, the computer’s main board has gone outHow would the cursor and light just quit working with no warning?…Then I discovered a little button on the side of the machine that I never knew existed–after years of sewing! When it was turned, the panel immediately lit up and was visible. Wow, such relief and no more excuses…

Edge Quilting

Finally, back to the quilting of the Lifeweaving wall-hanging. After repining and smoothing the black strips, I am working my way from the middle to sides in each direction. Using a tiny zigzag stitch over the edges is working well to connect the strips and add texture to the design.

I tend to work on several pieces, in different stages of the design process, at the same time. So, another project is the yellow flower design. The inspiration for this art quilt is this photo taken in a garden this summer.

Summer Flower

I love the colors and the pattern on the underside of this yellow bloom…Fabrics are being auditioned for the background, as well as the flower applique to be layered onto it…

AuditioningFabricsAt this point in the design process, colors are considered—Should they be realistic?…abstract? Also, decisions on size and scale must be made—Should I enlarge the pattern?


After a great holiday and much activity, it has been good to rest and focus in the quiet of the studio.

 New goals have been set,

                                  new inspirations have been gathered,

                                                                                    and it’s back to the drawing board…

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