With Our Senses Awake…

We will live this life only once.

Experiencing the world @ us, in ways beyond what we can imagine on our own, is truly an exciting experience of the sensesIt can be…

Water Falls

seeing with our eyes, a huge vista in nature, beautiful beyond words… 

hearing with our ears, music that tickles our ears and vibrates our bodies…                                                                                                                                                                         holding a in our arms, a sweet baby who is warm, new, and beautiful…

      smelling with our nose, honeysuckle’s scent swirling past us on a path…

        tasting with our tongues, golden cookies freshly baked, steaming from                                                                                                                                               the oven….

Fresh Baked Cookies

Or, it can be…                                                                                                                                                  a work of art, large in size, vibrant in colors, and amazing to our eyes.

These  things all peak our curiosity,                                                                                                                     take us outside of ourselves,                                                                                                                          and remind us what it is to be alive…

As a parent caring for your family, an individual working each day, or an artist creating an original design. It is through our senses that we take in information from @ us and the environment in which we live. This information can serve, among other things, to remind us of the importance of the everyday, encourage us to value those @ us, and to inspire and motivate us to accomplish more than we can perhaps imagine!

♦ These are some of the things that help remind me to enjoy my family or motivates me to engage in one of the arts? How about you? ♦                                            (If Comment box is not on page, click below on small gray words, “Leave a Comment”)

Orange, Rain, & Fire…Inspiration

Orange Color
Waiting Flowers

This has been a week of rainy days with cool, sullen color here in the mountains of Virginia, instead of the warm, sunny spring days that I mourn for! I turn on all of the lights, grind the beans to brew a pot of hot coffee, and build an end of the season fire in the fireplace.

Fire Orange
Fire Orange

My eyes look around and search for something that will inspire and motivate me to action.

I stopped by Crow’s Nest Farm this past Sunday– a warm, sunny afternoon–to buy flowers for the yard. The flowers that were bought are now waiting to be planted in the earth.  The marigolds were selected mainly because the deer, which regularly visit my yard to eat all the greenery, for some reason do not seem to like these. Also, they were chosen because of their warm, vibrant color—the yellows, the oranges, and some orangey brick red.

Waiting Flowers
Waiting Flowers

The bright oranges and yellows provide visual stimulation that perks me up, motivates me to get some work done, and to create in the studio.

Then, there is always a need for some contrast with cooler colors, such as purple

Purple Verbena
Purple Verbena
Purple Verbena
Purple Verbena

Oh, and perhaps the reds have their merits too!

Strawberry Red
Strawberry Red
Strawberry Red
Strawberry Red

Yummy!  🙂

Color is not only an inspiration for an artist but also plays an important role in our everyday lives. There has been a lot of research on the psychology of color and its effect on people. But for now, let’s just end by saying, when it is rainy and cold outside, the color of orange is like a fire—it can provide warmth, visually, to inspire us until the sun shines once again.

♦ I’d love to hear about your color inspirations! [click on small gray words below,  “Leave a Comment”]


Sometimes life events can bog us down and make us fearful to take anymore steps…                      It is like holding your breath…                                                                                                                                                                        You are not moving backwards…                                                                                                                                                        But, you also are not moving forward…It is more like being in limbo.                                

Stuck in PlaceThis time can be a time of rest…                                                                                                            a time of recharging…                                                                                                                                      or time of incubating new ideas.                                                                                                But, with time, there is a need to move forward… 

Many creative ideas may swirl @ in our heads but the motivation to take that    first step of action is lacking…                                                                                                            Like being at the end of a diving board…                                                                                           and as much as you want to dive in…                                                                                                               you just can’t let go and jump.                                            

 I was stuck for quite a while…                                                                                                     I would make lists…research ideas…and experiment with new techniques.                    But, when it was time to move forward, I would feel too tired to begin.

One day I picked up a  book entitled, Make Your Creative Dreams Real, A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day, by SARK (2004). SARK’s suggestion to take micromovements, or very small actions, to break out of procrastination spoke to where I was.    

                      Micromovement                           Making micromovement felt less overwhelming than considering a large project all at once. She says one option is to “complete your micromovement and go take a nap.” (SARK, p. 89)

I did one micro action. At the end of a chapter in SARK’s book, I found a website, Right Brain Business Plan,  listed that caught my interest. Author Jennifer Lee was announcing a free 2-week video summit on this subject, which was just starting. For 2 weeks I looked forward to interacting daily with people who spoke and understood my language. From this action, I took more micromovements…                                                                                      and slowly tried new things and moved forward…                  

Stepping Forward

 Today in the studio, I am in the process of creating a 12” art quilt. I may choose to donate it to the Studio Art Quilter’s Associaton’s (SAQA) Benefit Auction, which is held in September.           

12" Art Quilt In Process

This quilt will be an expression  of the idea of the sunlight and bright blue sky that is always above the dark clouds…whether we can see it or not…

After piecing the hand-dyed and commercial batik fabrics, I will use

free-motion quilting to add texture and detail to the piece. 

After a time of being stuck, it feels good to experience the movement of the creative process again!                                                                                                                         New possibilities seem to open up…                                                                                                     a sense of positivity is regained…                                                                                                                              and hope is renewed…

♦Are there micromovements you would like to take before your next nap?  🙂