Inspirations~A Morning Walk…

Many people take a morning walk each day for fresh air and exercise. But for an artist it can be a way to wake up to the visual inspirations in the world around them. The colors, the observations, the textures, the found objects, even the sounds can enliven their imaginations and feed their creative process!

I have decided to try taking morning walks this fall season (as suggested by artist, Susan Brubaker Knapp) before going into the studio~~to wake up, snap photos, or even make sketches. Here is my first Morning Walk inspiration….

dogwood pixB
Dogwood Tree in Autumn

 What are your favorite Autumn inspirations?

Rhythms of Life

Just like in music, part of the rhythm of life includes the rests. A rest in music is the time (or times) where a silence or a pause in the active singing or playing of a note occurs.

This spring I came to a rest of sorts…I did not actually stop doing everything, but I took a break from my usual routine. It gave me time to welcome new family, take a great adventure, and travel.  The rest provided me with new experiences, influences, images, and perspectives. As summer ended, I had reflected, regrouped, and was ready for new goals, projects, and a new regular routine.

As an artist, I gathered many ideas, inspirations, and influences for many new designs and goals. Everyday there is work being done in the studio to prepare for a new exhibit…(more about that later)! I am creating several new pieces, each in various stages of the creative process~~

Sketching an idea…

Sketch of Idea
Sketch of Idea

Piecing and composing an image…

A New Perspective, ©2013JoniBeach
A New Perspective, ©2013 Joni Beach.

Or adding details with threadpainting and quilt lines…

Meow, Mr. Whiskers, ©2013 Joni Beach.
Meow, Mr. Whiskers, ©2013 Joni Beach.

So the notes are being played again, the rest was in an earlier measure.

Now the music I am playing is greatly enhanced ~~such are the Rhythms of Life.

**What are your rests in the rhythm of your work and life? What gives you that forward movement towards your plans and goals?

I will be posting new art regularly on my blog and in the website gallery as pieces are finished!! Thanks for your Visit…