October…A Reminder of Change!

Autumn Leaves
Image by Tom Olliver via Flickr

So far this month has been one of many contrasts! The great autumn colors of the trees have seemed especially brilliant outside our windows this year. Some days have been wonderfully warm and sunny, perfect for time outdoors hiking on a mountain trail or raking the falling leaves. While on other days the temperatures have plunged below freezing, as if warning us to prepare for the coming winter!

Image by *~Dawn~* via Flickr
Pumpkins, photographed in Canada.
Image via Wikipedia

The area farms display an abundance of pumpkins, gourds, and varieties of squashand apples to take home and find the recipes for fall dishes, such as traditional pumpkin pie, baked butternut squashapple crisp, and pumpkin soup. It is an inspiration to the eyes of an artist, as well as to the resident chef.

As the month of October ends, I am reminded of how life just does not stay constant but is always changing and transitioning into new phases.

Sometimes I am ready, sometimes not,                                                                                                                     but nature just outside my window is always there…                                                                                                                                              quietly reminding me.

Reader Sharing…

Virginia Tech's War Memorial Chapel in an autu...
Image via Wikipedia

In the early 90’s living at the home of Virginia Tech, I remember one afternoon my son came from middle school excited and told me his class was going to do an Internet project. I answered by saying, “What’s the Internet?” And, of course he’s been ahead of me on this technology ever since.

Well, a lot has changed since I asked that question and we now use the internet everyday. The internet began largely as information sharing. So in that spirit, today I want to do something new and ask a Lifeweaving question–Here’s one  for the weekend…

Do you have a Gallery of your artwork [or Photoblog such as Flickr]?  Or, do you have a Website focused on a specific topic?

If so, feel free to post a brief description and the URL/domain in the Comments below, so we can visit and see your work or website!

Enjoy this beautiful October weekend and see you next week!



In art, as in life, experiencing a state of flow can be very exciting and great motivation in moving toward one’s goals. 


Flow, (c) 2011 Joni Beach.


In Flow

 [click to view You-Tube video of Csikszentmihalyi on Creativity, Fulfillment, & Flow.]

~In Flow your activity matches your skill level–mismatches equal boredom if too easy or anxiety and frustration if too difficult.


Lost in Time

~We lose an awareness of time…our focus and concentration is on the creative process and task at hand.


Go With the Flow 

~It includes patience and an easy, gentle pace…but also the failures, frustrations, impatience, and rebellions! (Make Your Creative Dreams Real, by SARK)


Optimal Experience

~ In the book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal ExperienceMihaly Csíkszentmihályi discusses that creativity and being in flow contributes to an optimal human experience.  When our activities are balanced between being a  challenge but within our skill level, we enjoy a state of concentration and a sense of well-being. I think of it as a chance to test myselfin a fun way!                                                

* Today in the studio I will be quilting a wall-hanging–When do you experience being in Flow?    

If you have the time, I’d love to hear your thinking!  (To Leave a Comment–click below…)                                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~