A New Week…A New Sense of Beginning

I am hoping to start this week with,

a new sense of beginning

an expectation to finish a creative project

an excitement over the arrival of company for the week…

a plan to enjoy the warm, sunny days and colors of summer…

a schedule in the studio to design new pieces of art


I am hoping to finish this week with,

a new sense of ending…

a feeling of accomplishment with a finished creative project…

a feeling of love from time with family

a sensation of peace from enjoying nature…

a fullness of satisfaction from new artwork…

as well as living fully each and every day!

Have a Great Week!

Thursday In the Studio—“Slowly but Surely”

My progress in the studio this week is going “slowly but surely”…There were some other obligations that had to be taken care of in the past few days and my studio work was on hold. The top of the wall hanging, Above Dark Clouds, has been pieced. Today I am finishing the appliqué, adding a backing, and then will use quilt lines to add visual texture and dimension to the piece.

Above Dark Clouds-In Progress

The inspiration for this piece came years ago when I was flying cross-country to a health center with a family member. I would marvel at the sunshine and brilliant, clear, cobalt blue sky at 40, 000 feet, above the gray clouds, rain, and turbulence—it became a reminder for me. Looking down, away from the everyday challenges like work, life, and traffic—it all seemed so much smaller than when I was on the ground. In life there are times of stormy weather—with dark clouds. Sometimes it is difficult for me to remember that no matter what, there is always sunshine and a brilliant bright blue sky above it all…To finish this 12” art quilt a sleeve and label will be added.

New work is being begun on another 12” wall hanging–it is only in the idea stage.

New Design Idea

After creating a couple of pieces, I need to decide which art quilt to donate to the SAQA Benefit Auction..., and since time is running very close to the deadline, it must be mailed very soon!

Among other works in progress is the Lifeweaving #3 piece–the silver strips that represent the late adult life stage (ages 60-mid 80s) are being woven.

Silver Strips The next step is to baste the weaving together and layer the top, batting, and a backing.

Then, there is Transitions #2: Blue Moods waiting to be quilted…

Blue Moods unfinished

I once heard someone say that creative people usually have more than one project they work on at a time, so maybe all of these unfinished pieces are not a bad thing! But, I guess it is time to put away the camera, turn off the computer, and get busy in the studio…                                                                                             where progress is going “slowly but surely”!

*Do you ever seem to procrastinate, finding anything to do other than begin working? Do you think this serves some purpose!?

Tuesday…In the Studio–“An Artist’s Response to Materials”

An artist’s response to organic materials influences their creative process and the resulting piece of art–a sculptor carves a fish from wood…a potter throws a vase from clay…a painter paints a landscape with paint and canvas…or a textile artist creates a wall hanging from fabric and thread.

Batik Cotton

Growing up in North Carolina, there were many fabric shops and factory outlets with a large array of different types, colors, and patterns of textiles. I first found my love of fabrics and thread, and the possibilities of what they could become, wandering @ and dreaming in these stores. My first sewing project was in sixth grade Girl Scouts. We got to use a pattern, cut-out fabric, and use a sewing machine to make an apron. I was hooked…During high school, it amazed me that I could find fabric that I loved, find a pattern similar to styles in the stores, and create clothes!  Magic…plus–they fit me!

During this past holiday weekend, we took a trip to Floyd,Virginia, a center for music and visual arts. This is one stop on the Crooked Road, Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail and along the Blue Ridge Parkway with its natural, beautiful scenery.

Blue Ridge

It was chance to get out & about…get inspirations from the sights and sounds of a new place…have time to incubate ideas… and gain encouragement to be creative.  A time to be relaxed with other people…listen to music at the Floyd Country Store‘s noon concert…view other artists’ work in galleries, shops, and visit the sights and sounds of the outdoor community market. But, the main highlight for me was spending time at Schoolhouse Fabrics.

This store is reminiscent of the shops of my youth—an old three-storied school building filled with fabric of all types— including wools, cottons, and satins, colors—reds, greens, and purples– and textures—nubby, silky, and coarse.

Silver & Gold

I found the hard to find gold and silver fabric that is needed to finish my Lifeweavings  wall-hanging,

brights for the fabric “paint”stash,

Bright Fabric "Paint"

Vibrant Silks

wonderfully vibrant colored silks,

and fun fabric for my grandbaby, I just could not pass up.

Child's Fabric, print ©Hampton Printworks.
Printed Fabric, © Hampton Printworks.

These are examples of the materials that are collected and used by textile artists. The artist responds to the color of the fabrics, the feel, or hand, of the cloth, and the texture of the piece visually and by touch. Wandering through the many aisles and rooms of colorful fabric, not only did I imagine what I might create…                                                                                                                 I remembered the girl dreaming of all the possibilities…

♦What are the materials you respond to in your artistic endeavors?

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