In the Studio…Art In Progress

In the Studio, art has been “in progress” and the top is complete for “Field at Toledo” (Spain)!

The next step is to lay the top flat on the cutting table and spot glue any places needed to secure all the pieces. Then I will layer with a thin, cotton batting, plus a backing fabric, before any stitching and quilting is begun…

Top Finished for Field at Toledo
Top Finished for “Field of Toledo” (Spain)

I like to choose a fabric for the back of the piece, which compliments the overall design. After all of the stitching is complete, many times the back results in an unexpected, spontaneous design of its own! Always fun to see what develops…

Close-up of "Field at Toledo" (Spain)
Close-up of “Field at Toledo” (Spain)
Close-up of "Field at Toledo" (Spain)
Close-up Detail of “Field at Toledo” (Spain)

Let the Thread-painting begin!

Stay Tuned!   🙂  

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