Playing @…In the Studio!

After posting about goals, discouragement, and motivation, I want to keep you posted of my time in the studio–playing @ with new ideas, experimenting with different methods, and a push to create, create, create.

Here is a finished wall-hanging that is a gift for someone special:

Coffee Anyone?
"Coffee Anyone?"

I liked the style and colors of these squares that were found at a favorite quilt shop…The three were joined together with sashing and gold corner squares. After layering with a backing and batting, I quilted in-the-ditch around and with-in each block, and then used free-motion quilting to add motifs in the gold squares and sign my name & the date. Then, threadpainting was used to highlight the steam, whipped cream, and a few other details…

I’m centering and attaching this small art quilt by the top corners to an stretched canvas. It is Sea Images #1, which usually hangs in my husband’s office.  This will give it a stage of sorts and more presence in the room as visual art.

Sea Images #1,  (c)2006 Joni Beach.
Sea Images #1, (c)2006 Joni Beach.

Also, Lifeweaving #3 is coming along!–Layering the backing and batting and then basting the strips in place…more to come soon on that.

*FYI!!  A great book for creative motivation is Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day, by SARK… For Fun & Inspiration visit her at

~Hope you are enjoying your time this week as you strive towards your goals–don’t forget to have fun with the process!~

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