Tuesday In the Studio…”Spinning Wheels, Going @”

In the studio, as in life, many times I feel I am spinning my wheels without making much movement forward…even though I have been busy working on many tasks. Why is it difficult to understand that these smaller tasks, or micromovements as SARK in her book,  Make Your Creative Dreams Real, A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, and People Who Would Really Rather Sleep All Day (2004) calls them, are very important in reaching the end goals. Perhaps my long-term goals, while important, overshadow the now and add unnecessary pressure, instead of guiding my process and outcomes. I lose the joy of being creative and the sense of play, improvising, and experimenting.

So what have I accomplished today? Well, the top of my desk is organized! Also, the Art Portfolio on my website needed revising so it now has a new look and organization. [Be sure to check it out!] It helps to see my current body of work and gives me ideas of where to head next! So perhaps this is, after all, an important stage in the creative process–a time to organize, generate new ideas, and think of future goals–

The conclusion? Even though some days it feels like spinning wheels, going @…maybe there really are micromovements forward!

*What micromovements did you make today?*

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