Reminders of Renewal~


Sun’s warmth from the sky

Wings moving through the air

Tulip leaves pushing up the earth

Green moss under the leaves

Songs tickling our ears

Reminders of renewal in the midst of cold winter days.


Inspiration…Color & Life

A few days ago while looking out the kitchen window I saw not one but three   brilliantly colored bluebirds! It is not the normal time of the year for them to visit our yard, so perhaps they were immigrating south for the winter.

Bluebird In Autumn, (c) 2011 Joni Beach.
Bluebird In Autumn, (c) 2011 Joni Beach.

By the time I retrieved my camera only one bluebird was still there…guess he needed a bath before continuing his trip!

What color inspiration for a creation of art!…What life inspiration for a day of encouragement.

Goals…Discouragement or Motivation?

One of the most difficult things for me to deal with is to fail to meet a goal. Not particularly when I procrastinate and run out of time, or begin but never finish, but whenever I put all of my time and energy into a project, finish it, but fail to get the results I had expected and hoped for. Being a bit of a perfectionist in some things, I usually expect that if I work on something hard enough it will be a success, so when it doesn’t, I have a problem!

Many times in the studio I become discouraged for this reason. In working toward my artistic goals, I often must remind myself of the importance in finding a balance between the artistic expression of an idea and certain end goals, such as entering exhibits and selling pieces. While professional artists engage in many tasks related to running a business, the skills are not always taught in colleges and must be acquired after graduation on their own. So, at times discouragement and self-doubt creeps in and hinders creative and professional development.

Backing Lifeweaving #3
A Studio Goal: Lifeweavings #3, Quilt the Top, Finish Details and Photograph...Enter Into a Juried Exhibit.

As my week begins there are previous projects to finish and new tasks to begin. I plan to turn on music (instrumental, no vocals), focus, and quilt Lifeweaving #3. For awhile I need to push myself to create many art pieces of various sizes, experiment with techniques, and play around with ideas–with less concern about the end goals. Some research shows that this approach results in more creative outcomes than working very slowly on only a few pieces. Perhaps it frees the creative, right-brain processes or just allows for a break and new motivation to continue.

Though disappointing at times, I need to continue working and realize that perhaps not all goals are meant to be met…