As the Earth Turns…

Earth Day was first held when I was a high school student in 1970. I remember well the photos of the earth taken from the moon for the first time. A new perspective of the world in which we lived! The image allowed us to see the beauty and vastness of the blue oceans, the snowy white clouds floating around parts of the globe, and how interrelated the nations of the earth really are…

I created this piece when studying human-environmental systems. Its message is that even with the differences between people, such as gender, ethnicity, and culture, there are also needs we all hold in common–such as respect, safety, opportunities, and good food and water.

Human Complexity: A Common Thread, (c) 2003 Joni Beach
Human Complexity: A Common Thread, (c) 2003, Joni Beach.

Many years have passed but Earth Day (April 22) is still observed by many. The new view of the earth encouraged people to respect nature and understand our dependency on the resources provided by our natural environment.  In the 1970’s, the discipline of Human Ecologythe study of the interrelationship of people and the environments in which they live–was established in some universities. So while many people’s understanding of the world changed or expanded, others’ did not. They continue to live in a more detached way from the earth around them.

I can only believe that a broader perspective and understanding of our Earth has served to raise important questions and prompt us to seek new knowledge…

An awareness of our interdependence hopefully helps us live on the planet in a responsible manner…

to preserve it for future generations…

as the Earth turns.


*How do you view our Earth? What do you think about the natural environment and how to use its resources in a mindful way?

A Blog Break~Organizing and Re-evaluating

This past week I have taken a Blog Break…It was not actually planned but just happened that way. The beginning of the new year has found me organizing, re-evaluating, and even playing catch-up outside with yard work on a rare warm, sunny day. The mild winter here in the mountains has made it difficult to believe that it is January! And, I am still having trouble remembering to write 2012, instead of 2011! (I wonder how long that will continue to happen?)

Organizing & Re-evaluating
Organizing & Re-evaluating

Working in the office, I have been reviewing some print-outs and planning sheets from last year. Last spring in reading the book, Make Your Creative Dreams Real by SARK , I discovered the website of author and life coach, Jennifer Lee. Lee conducts The Right Brainers in Business Video Summit and is the author of the book, The Right Brain Business Plan: A Creative Visual Map for Successwhich emphasizes visual mapping vs making linear lists to plan, organize, and conduct one’s work. These creative resources have been valuable to me and may be helpful to you in some way, as you create your own Lifeweaving…

In the studio, along with art work to be done, there are also several writing projects to be finished. Regular writing time is needed to continue these projects. I plan to write more on family and parenting issues. So, while making a work schedule, I am considering what time of day is the best for each task–writing, designing, and creating… 

As the process of organizing and re-evaluating is being donehere’s looking to a productive and creative year–and a break in the Blog Break!                                      


October…A Reminder of Change!

Autumn Leaves
Image by Tom Olliver via Flickr

So far this month has been one of many contrasts! The great autumn colors of the trees have seemed especially brilliant outside our windows this year. Some days have been wonderfully warm and sunny, perfect for time outdoors hiking on a mountain trail or raking the falling leaves. While on other days the temperatures have plunged below freezing, as if warning us to prepare for the coming winter!

Image by *~Dawn~* via Flickr
Pumpkins, photographed in Canada.
Image via Wikipedia

The area farms display an abundance of pumpkins, gourds, and varieties of squashand apples to take home and find the recipes for fall dishes, such as traditional pumpkin pie, baked butternut squashapple crisp, and pumpkin soup. It is an inspiration to the eyes of an artist, as well as to the resident chef.

As the month of October ends, I am reminded of how life just does not stay constant but is always changing and transitioning into new phases.

Sometimes I am ready, sometimes not,                                                                                                                     but nature just outside my window is always there…                                                                                                                                              quietly reminding me.

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